As a landowner, you want to do the right thing for your land. Just by owning your land and keeping it in its natural, undeveloped state you are providing tremendous public benefits. There is no one “right” way to care for your land.  Instead, there are a number of options. You should evaluate these options and choose the one(s) that best helps you meet your goals.


Passive Approach: One way to care for your land is to simply “do nothing,” leave it to natural processes, and enjoy it your land for its beauty, wildlife, and privacy.  If you take a passive approach, know that your forest will not stay the same.  It will continue to change and grow. 

Active Approach:  Of course there are ways to care for your land through active stewardship. Things you will want to take into consideration are the different types of wildlife with whom you share your land and the habitat it provides for them.  A carefully planned landscape provides opportunities to increase the benefits you already receive or can positively change the types of benefits you get from your land by shifting the ratio of grassland to tree cover, tree composition, and the age, number, and distribution of trees and other shrubs. Here's a great article put out by t the Nebraska Extention Office to get you started:

Help Caring for Your Land:  There is help for you to care for your land. Your land provides tremendous public good in its undeveloped, natural state.  Another great article put out by the Extention office covers the importance of land ownership for future generations. You can find it here:

Keeping it Going:  However you decide to care for your land, deciding what you will do with your land after you are gone is a critical part of caring for it.  In fact, it may be the most important step you can take as a landowner – not just for your own benefit, but for the benefit of your family and your community.  There are a number of conservation-based estate planning options available to you that can help you pass some or all of your land on in its undeveloped, natural state. The University of Massachutes at Armhearst has some great information on leaving your land as a legacy. Click here to  Learn more about planning the future of your land.

Which ever way you choose to manage your land, we are here to help guide you and assist you in any way. And, when it comes time to sell your Nebraska acreage, we hope you will give us a call. Until Next time...