You probably didn't plant silver bells and cockle shells or even pretty maids all in a row, but by not you have probably transplanted most of your seedlings to your garden outside. A few of mine, as always, didn't make it. But, you know what? I just stuck another seed in and am hoping for the best.

That seems to be one of the biggest challenges for me as I plan and plant. If I plant everything at once, I find I am overwhelmed at harvest. No matter how much I put up via freezing or canning or how much I give away to my friends and family, I hate to say it but I always have some go to waste. Of course, there is always the compost bin where they can sacrifice their lives for the sake of next year's garden, but I really wanted to figure out a system where I can keep up with the produce and minimize the waste.

Then, one day I stumbled across this great Succession Planting Chart and my gardening life was forever changed. :) It provides a general guideline for planting in 7, 10, 14, 21 and 30-day intervals to maximize the lifespan of your produce and make the yield more manageable. Check it out here!

Hopefully, this handy dandy gardening tool, will make your Omaha, NE garden much more productive and easy to manage. Let me know your thoughts!

Until Next Time...