Many folks believe that Spring and Summer are the best times to buy and sell a home. While it may be true that those months are usually very active, it shouldn't discourage you from putting your house on the market at other times of the year.  If you truly are considering selling your acreage home in Nebraska, here are a few reasons you may want to consider listing in the Winter.

Fewer Showings

Yes, there may be fewer buyers, but those buyers are serious about making a purchase. Why else would they brave the elements to drive 10 miles out in the country to see your property?!? And that means it may take fewer showings (fewer times you have to keep the house in pristine condition) to get the job done.

Less Competition 

Because so many folks believe the aforementioned old wives tale about Spring and Summer, there will be far less competition than at any other time of the year. So, if your house is modest compared to the Jones' up the hill, it won't mean a hill of beans to the buyer because they are looking to move NOW!.

Homes Show Better During the Holidays

You know that nostalgic feeling you get when you step into a home that is all dressed up for the holidays? Well, sometimes that feeling can be a very powerful selling tool in the hearts and minds of potential buyers.

January is the Biggest transfer Month 

Did you know that more corporate moves occur in January than any other month? That takes us back to the buyers looking in Winter are serious, committed buyers, which may shorten your market time.

Great Time To Shop  

Becuase many believe that their home will never sell in the winter, they may underprice their properties. If your home sells quickly (with the help of your experienced acreage real estate team) you may be able to find a great bargain on your next home.

Market Exposure 

Less inventory during the winter means more exposure for you. Potential buyers won't have to search so hard to find your gem.

Full Service

Because mortgage consultants, appraisers, inspectors are slower this time of the year, they will be able to devote more time to process your transaction. From contract to close may possibly be shorter which means you get cash in hand faster.

So, if the snow is flying and you are getting the itch to move AND you're sure it's not just your wool long johns, give us a call. We'd be happy to help you make your move. Until next time...

Dick Gibb